Taylor Rooks Breaks The Internet In Tight Dress, and Joy Taylor’s Male Fan Club Is Exploding | The Sports Industry Isn’t Ready To Get Two Personal

Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor are considered two of the most beautiful women in sports broadcasting and podcasting. 

Both have built successful careers by being not only comforting to the eyes, but aware of the sports landscape and what it entails. Joy is the sister of former Miami Dolphins Hall of Famer Jason Taylor, and she’s steadily built her media empire by holding her own on various high-profile debate shows with titans of the talking head game from Skip Bayless to Colin Cowherd. 

Taylor gained notoriety with her work on NBA coverage as well as her one-on-one interviews and her ability to find the legs to a story and coerce honest feedback from her subjects, many who are male athletes with their guards up. 

Jemele Hill and Cari Champion Paved The Way

When Jemele Hill and Cari Champion got together and did their groundbreaking show “(Don’t) Stick to Sports” on Vice, it received mixed reviews and at times turned off male viewers because of the hard-edged stances and attack mode culture that sometimes permeated the show, as both women are beautiful but some complained that they were more interested in teaching lessons and voicing objections than playing to their feminine attributes.

Jemele is married and off the market and Cari gives off an unobtainable vibe at times.  

While the aesthetics are pleasing to the male audience, the delivery sometimes obliterated the male fantasy that is such an important part of a successful sports show featuring two women. 

Two Personal Show’ Is Blowing Up

As the careers of Joy and Taylor have progressed, it was a no-brainer that the tandem would come together, shedding any male influence, on a podcast where their voices are the predominant ones and the subject matter is delivered in a way only a lady can present it.

On the “Two Personal Show,” the women touch every topic from sports to lifestyle, beauty — and the popular one with women — relationships.

Neither woman is married, so their perceived availability also inspires men to freely give compliments. Anytime Rooks or Taylor steps out for a night on the town, the cameras are out and social media is buzzing. 

For Rooks, whether she has the internet drooling over pics with her and Halle Berry, or her latest photo from a Global Diversity event that is breaking the internet, she always understands the assignment.


Everyone seems to have a glowing opinion about how Rooks wore that dress, how it sat on her curvaceous body and the movie star look she gives off that makes her in the opinion of every man and woman in the world; a whole snack … respectfully. 

Rooks knows it and she plays to that advantage to perfection, while executing her job like a consummate pro to re-establish that line of respectability. Taylor is a winner in that regard as well. 

The tight-fitting, olive colored dress radiated off of Rooks’ illuminating chocolate skin.

Her full lips colored to perfection, eyebrows laid like train tracks, and the next thing you know, she’s out-trending the field.

The frequency with which women are now in these announcer positions has made the arrival of Taylor and Joy’s show perfect timing.

Men are already tuning in. Some do it because they have never seen two gorgeous women of color, emitting beauty, a strong opinion and being respected sports minds at the same time — without twerking.

Joy Taylor and Taylor Rooks Are Transcending Sports Personalities

Their celebrity extends beyond the athletes and sports they cover, so their opinions on all subjects are now valued, and evokes emotion and feedback whether positive or negative. Men are often captivated by their physical appearances and offended at times by their sports knowledge. The women respect both Taylor and Rooks for holding their own in a male-dominated business and also wait in anticipation to hear their opinion on beauty tips, men, relationships, personal experiences and philosophies on life.

At the end of the day, they also make women feel way more comfortable to be themselves than on male-hosted shows.

Beauty Is The Hook But People Want To Hear What Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor Have To Say

When you talk about rising value versus dormant existence, that’s half of the sportscasting landscape against these two rising stars, because as we know how far you transcend the occupation depends on how much they will pay you. To be recognized as a goddess of sports isn’t a bad gig.

It gains you a ridiculous fan base and leads to big branding dollars at the end of the day. And with more power and influence they can continue to support women in the business and influence change in that regard.

Gawking admirers just comes with the job.

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