Tampa Bay’s Sports Teams Help Fund Removal Of Confederate Statue

The city of Tampa, Florida isnt backing down from any potential backlash for choosing the side of justice in this latest racially-driven battle over the removal of confederate statues in the United States.  

Eduardo A. Encina on Twitter

Tampa Bay’s three pro sports teams have donated money to help have a confederate statue in front of a downtown Tampa courthouse removed. https://t.co/cTXnA52AAO

Influenced by the integrity and call-to-action of Tony Dungy, MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays also issued a joint statement with the NFL’s Bucs and the NHL’s Lightning. The move is estimated to cost $280,000 and efforts to fundraise had not been very successful until former Buccaneers coach and current Tampa-area citizen Dungy brought some attention to the issue, pledging $5,000 to the cause and challenging the Rays, Lightning, and Buccaneers to help out with funds as well.

Tampa Bay Rays on Twitter

We’ve issued a joint statement with the @TBBuccaneers and @TBLightning. #TeamTampaBay

As with most of the hot button racial issues in America today, opinions were split on the news. Some people just cant let go of the past

Matt Thompson on Twitter

@stpete2you @RaysBaseball @TBBuccaneers @TBLightning And we should remember that. Not try to hide it. There is no reason to hide history. There is a reason to remember it.

And others cant believe we are still discussing such issues in 2017 and arguing over statues erected to professional killers at a time when America was a terribly flawed country in regards to racially equality.  

R.J. Lehmann on Twitter

@Matt15Thompson @stpete2you @RaysBaseball @TBBuccaneers @TBLightning Right, so obviously, we should erect memorials to Timothy McVeigh and Charles Manson. So we don’t forget them.

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