Strictly Speaking Ep. 9- Glenn Robinson

When the name Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson comes up, flashes of him dunking in the grill of Kansas 7-footer Greg Ostertag in 1994 come flooding back. It was so bad that Ostertag had to give him dap. That’s how bad the Purdue legend was. Even if he was ramming the ball in your face and giving you 30 points and grabbing 15 rebounds, an opponent had no choice but to give him his propers.

In this latest episode of Strictly Speaking, legendary point guard Rod Strickland and I chop it up with The Big Dog as he talks about how he absorbed the blue-collar work ethic of his hometown, Gary, Indiana, how he acquired his nickname, and he walks us through his journey through the lens of basketball, from the first days of picking up a ball in Gary to obliterating the NBA’s rookie salary structure to eventually walking away from the game with an NBA title with the San Antonio Spurs.


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