Strictly Speaking- Dave McCollin

Rod sits with the man who helped him get to the NBA, Gauchos Coach David McCollin.

This is a special episode of Strictly Speaking as Rod sits down with Coach David McCollin. McCollin was his AAU coach for the Gauchos, and Rod credits him with helping him become the man who played in the NBA for 17 years. The legendary Bronx based Gauchos program, along with Riverside Church, was one of the best in the nation back in the 80s and 90s when NYC basketball ruled the world. A key part of that success was coach McCollin.

Rod and Coach McCollin talk about Rod’s early days, the importance of fundamentals, talent that didn’t make it, the greatness of NYC basketball and so much more. This is a lot of history and knowledge in one episode, so listen in and tell a friend.

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