Streetball Legend Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans Passes Away

According to Hip Hop Wired, former And 1 Mixtape baller Tyrone "Alimoe" Evans has passed away. Evans rose to prominence at the height of the streetball tour era during the 90's and early 2000's under the moniker "Black Widow".

The 6'7" player was known for his trademark ball handling skills despite his immense size, something only seen on a regular basis in the National Basketball Association.

"They don't have to let me know that I lit their fire; just go out and do it.," said Evans. "They don't have to thank me and bring me out to the game; just go do it. Just knowing that that little kid watching me took something home with them. See, basketball is a teacher of life. The lessons you learn in basketball – don't be selfish, work hard, and treat everybody good – they're the same lessons in life."





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