Stephen A. Smith commits $250,000 to Alma Mater, Winston-Salem St. University

ESPN media personality, Stephen A. Smith, has stepped up and put his money where his mouth is in a big way.

He announced that he was committing $250,000 to his alma mater, Winston-Salem State University, over the course of five years. Smith aims to have half of the annual $50,000 gift go towards athletics and the other half towards the Mass Communications department.

Its the right thing to do, said Smith, a 1991 graduate and former sportswriter who started at the Winston-Salem Journal as a part-time clerk when he was in college. He’s definitely proud of being an HBCU grad and wanted to give back as these institution need help. 

A lot of HBCUs are hurting financially, but Im here to tell you they are needed in a big way, Smith said.

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