Stanley Cup: St. Louis Royalty Gives Props To The Blues

Winners bring out the accolades, and the St. Louis Blues are being showered with them.

Last night the St. Louis Blues won the 2019 Stanley Cup in a contested series against the Boston Bruins, and athletes, entertainers, and celebrities who represent St. Louis were all over social media singing the praises of the Blues; and I’d bet most of them haven’t even watched 10 games all year.

Some of us are stuck in our own silos, especially when it comes to sports. It’s rare to find fans in a major media market that supports every hometown team on a regular basis.

That is unless one of those teams wins a championship.

Back in the late 90s-early-early 2000s, the New Jersey Devils were wrecking shop all over the NHL on their way to winning Stanley Cup Championships, the signature red, white and black jerseys were showing up in hip-hop videos, college campuses and on the block.

Though we can’t know for sure whether folks of a certain demographic were fans before or after that franchise gained greater notoriety, their adorning of those jerseys was a silent way of telling the world, ‘I may not like hockey, but I like winners!”

After the Blues won the Cup last night, the who’s who in St. Louis jumped on social media to show some love to the team.