Sports Biz Q&A: Grant Hill Reflects on All-Star Weekend, Discusses His Art Collection and Talks Duke’s Jabari Parker

During the span of his playing career, Grant Hill was among the most respected figures in the NBA: a thoughtful, cerebral talent who just so happened to be one of the league’s most versatile swingmen. Hill, 41, retired last year. And for all of the league’s observers who saw Hill as the perfect fit for a front-office position, Hill is fast becoming one of the NBA’s most visible TV analysts.

Between appearances on NBA TV’s Game Time, TNT’s Inside the NBA and as co-host of Inside Stuff, Hill has gotten plenty of practice in front of the camera. It’s a good thing: among other duties all weekend in New Orleans, he and Chris Webber will be embedded on both team’s benches next Sunday as a kind of reporting 13th man. Look out, D.A.

Hill spoke to via phone from Atlanta on a recent weeknight. We asked him to give himself a grade on his performance so far, his favorite All-Star moment as a player and about Duke star Jabari Parker. He told us why, exactly, he worries about him at times.

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