Spike Lee Weighs in on Donald Sterling

As the heat continues to be placed upon the feet of Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling and his racist filth, we knew Brooklyn’s beloved director Spike Lee was going to weigh in sooner or later.  He was on CNN Monday talking to Anderson Cooper, breaking it down in true Spike Lee fashion.  His sentiments are similar to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and others as to what he wishes for the solvency of Sterling’s ownership in light of his slave owner beliefs.

 “He's got to go because he's tainting all the other 29 partners, he's tainting the league and he's tainting America,” Lee told CNN Monday. “And when you hear something like that, that is a mentality of a slave master. He sees his players as slaves.”

In the video he states that the only white player to speak out against Donald Sterling was Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. Though we were unable to independently corroborate Spike’s claim, the man has never been known to lie. So, we’ll take it as gospel for the purpose of conjecture as to why Dirk is the only white player to have ever spoken publicly about Sterling. If so, can ignorance of the racist owner’s true nature be to blame? Not likely, racists almost always seek like-minded individuals.  Somewhere out there are white players and coaches, former and current, who knew of Sterling’s belief system. Yet their silence is now deafening.  But, conversely, we can’t corner white NBA players, a minority on modern day roster, as having some special ability to affect a billionaire that black players, an NBA majority, did not have. Can we? Peep the video as Lee makes some startling revelations of his own. 

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