Slap Fighter’s Face Disfigured By Brutal Blow, But He Earns Conor McGregor’s Respect

The tough guy always wins. Just ask RXF Slap Fighting Champion Sorin Comsa. Warriors like Comsa quickly find the favor of the common fan, dating back to Roman gladiators who were slaves who earned their freedom by being the most bloodthirsty and skilled killers in the arena.

Society is way more refined than it was back then, but beyond the brutality that is found in some aspects of football, boxing, hockey and MMA, there are sporting leagues rising whose competitions’ sole purpose is for dudes to slap the crap out of each other.

One of these leagues is out of Romania, and it found itself getting attention from the sports world because of what happened at the RXF Slap Fighting Championships, which took place on American soil in Las Vegas. Players stand across from each other and take turns slapping each other as hard as they can, and, as one can expect … it gets ugly really quickly.

This contest was no exception. 

What Happened To RXF Slap Fighter Sorin Comsa? 

Competitor Sorin Comsa was the victim of a brutal slap that caused massive visual damage to his face. The slap caused blood to begin to leak from his face as well as massive swelling which appeared to be heavily visible on the left side. His face and head were unrecognizable from when he first came in at the start of the match.


To make matters even worse, this was the final match, and they were the last competitors remaining. All eyes were on them, which also played a pivotal part in this moment going viral across the internet. 

All in all, the slap fight lasted 10 rounds, and Comsa did come out victorious after his opponent couldn’t take any more pain. Overall, Comsa came away with a pretty decent haul. He got the win, the championship, a $5,000 reward, and a shoutout from Conor McGregor. The only cost is a swollen face and some momentary embarrassment. 

Comsa Earns Conor McGregor’s Respect 

The reach of this moment spread so far that it fell upon the eyes of UFC legend McGregor. McGregor then reached out to Comsa himself via Twitter to congratulate and admire the technique used.

“Absolutely gorgeous technique congrats the new heavy weight champion.” McGregor tweeted in response to the video of the slap to Sorin Comsa.

Many were questioning whether Notorious’ congratulations were genuine, or if he was trolling the fact that Comsa took a brutal slap to the face en route to winning the championship. But either way, getting that type of recognition from one of fighting’s greatest competitors on top of a huge win like that is a boost to someone’s professional brand. 

Will Comsa Join UCF President Dana White’s Slap Fighting League?

This is something extremely interesting in the slap boxing world, especially with UFC President Dana White trying to start up his own slap boxing league as well. Comsa’s bravery will definitely bring plenty of eyes onto White’s slap boxing league, possibly bringing a more mainstream appeal to the violent game.

Dana White would almost certainly pursue Comsa for his league after he persevered through that match. Someone who can take a beating like that and dish out some pain of his own is always welcomed in White’s organizations. In fact, at this point, Comsa is probably the most famous slap fighter on the globe. His ability to come back and win after taking such a brutal hit is the stuff fight fans appreciate. 

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