Sochi Olympic Toilets Are “Going Dutch”

I've done it dinner, but never have I gone dutch and shared a bathroom stall. The photo of dual toilets above was taken inside of a cubicle at the Biathlon Centre, the Winter Olympics' cross-country skiing and biathlon center in Sochi, Russia. The only thing dividing these two stalls is a poorly placed trash can. I won't even ask its use. So, let me get this straight. Russia is anti-homosexual, but apparently, it’s routine for two strangers to share a toilet? Is this a sting operation? Larry Craig, would like to have a word.

Talk about being economical. Russia is looking rough on the national stage right now.

This is odd. Yet, it's tame as far as Russia is concerned. By the way, where is the toilet paper and the bidet?

Well, a least this guy can now earn his man card back upon further review.


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