Sixers Should Focus On A New Contract For Rising Star Tyrese Maxey | The James Harden Drama Is Played Out

The Philadelphia 76ers are preparing to begin their 2023-24 NBA season with hopes of a deep playoff run. One that players, fans and ownership hope ends with the franchise’s first NBA championship since 1983.

With reigning MVP Joel Embiid leading things, and a quality roster around him, the belief is they’ll be in the mix in the tough and competitive Eastern Conference. 

A key cog in the Sixers’ plans is fourth-year guard Tyrese Maxey, who’s gotten better each year. The 2020 first-round selection out of Kentucky is expected to take on an even bigger role alongside Embiid.

That role is likely to be even bigger than originally expected with James Harden wanting to be traded and now skipping team practices with the season only one week away.

At this point the Harden situation isn’t likely to get much better, so the team should channel its energies into the rising Maxey, who’s definitely a core piece of the franchise. 

Maxey Has Gotten Better Each Season

A career 15-point scorer, Maxey, the Dallas native, has seen his scoring average increase from eight points per game as a rookie to 20 points per game last season.

With the situation concerning Harden unknown, first-year Sixers and NBA championship-winning head coach Nick Nurse is devising alternative plans to compensate, and Maxey is a huge part of it. 

A confident and always ready Maxey says he’s focused on being better than last season.

“I’m ready for Plan C, D, all the way down to Z,” Maxey said. “Honestly, I’ve just been doing a lot of things to find ways to get better, find ways to fine-tune my game, find ways to be the best possible version of Tyrese Maxey that I can be.”

Known for his quickness and speed, Maxey says he wants play with a little more control, something Nurse has stressed to the dynamic combo guard since his arrival. 

“Because I’m so fast, me being able to play slow is going to help me a lot this year,” Maxey said.

Maxey Not Letting Lack Of Contract Extension Bother Him

This past offseason Maxey was hoping to secure a lucrative contract extension with the Sixers, and while that never quite materialized the way he wanted it to, he’s not letting it stop him. 

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Maxey said, “It can be tough, it can be, you know, when you have expectations. But you’re not obligated to anything, I understand the business aspect of it.”

The Sixers would be wise to get Maxey locked up sooner than later, and especially with Harden trying to force his way out of Philly, Maxey’s importance just spiked even more. 

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