Six Questions We Need Answers For In “Dear White People” Season 2

Dear White People returns May 4, and from the looks of the latest trailer, this season is going to be a good one. 

It picks up shortly after the events of the season one finale, in which an anti-police violence protest organized by campus activist and provocateur, Sam White (Logan Browning), was co-opted by two tone-deaf groups: the staff of the campus humor magazine, Pastiche, and a group of students who were speaking out about the dangers of binge drinking after the death of a popular student. 

Dear White People – Vol. 2 | On The Issues Teaser [HD] | Netflix

Let’s break it down: Cultural appropriation, sex and gender norms, racist bots, conspiracy theories, Jesus, weed, The Sunken Place and WAY more. Dear White People Volume 2 coming soon on Netflix.

While the first season was essentially a fleshed out version of creator Justin Simiens 2014 film, the details about season 2s plot are more of a mystery. Judging by the chyrons that pop up in the teaser trailer, it will touch on a few hot-button issues like cultural appropriation, the alt-right, sex and gender norms, conspiracy theories and Black Scientology, but a few buzzwords do not make a plot summary. 

Everyones got secrets this season secrets from each other, secrets from themselves. There are lots of things that the characters dont know and have kind of repressed, and sort of going into those treasure troves is something a lot of the characters are doing, said Simien in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

One of the secrets theyll have to uncover? The identity of an anonymous troll who has been harassing Sam ever since the protest. If thats not enough to grab your interest, here are a few other things were excited to see in Dear White People Vol. 2. (Warning: major spoilers for Season 1 of Dear White People.)

Coco & Sams renewed friendship

Season 1 revealed one of the most frustrating mysteries of the Dear White People film: what exactly happened between former friends, Coco (Antoinette Robertson) and Sam? The answer was a complicated mix of colorism, differing priorities, and a lack of communication. But after Sam finally realizes that she has judged Coco too harshly (and failed to recognize her own light-skinned privilege) and the fallout of the protest, they seem to be on the mend. Its going to be refreshing to see them working together, instead of being at odds. 

The New Coco

Coco realizing that she has more ambition, smarts, and talent than Trey (Brandon P. Bell), the man shed decided would fit perfectly into her 20-year plan, was one of the most satisfying scenes of S1. Now that she realizes that she is capable of getting where she wants to be without the help of a well-connected man, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Im shivering. 

What happened to Troy after the protest?


Troy shocked the BSU, his father, himself and the rest of Winchester University when he ended up being the one arrested during Sams protest. After Sams protest devolved into groups of idealistic college students arguing, it was a sobering reminder of why they were really here: no amount of respectability not even being Troy Fairbanks a.k.a. Trobama, the Student Body President and son of Dean Fairbanks can protect you from being the victim of police violence. Undoubtedly, his season 2 character arc will focus heavily on his emotional journey after that night. 

Lena Waithe!!!

Dear White People – ‘Defamation’ :30 TV Spot. Only On NETFLIX

Uploaded by Red Robot King 7 on 2017-05-04.

The Master of None and Ready Player One star is an exciting new addition to the cast. Shell be playing P. Ninny, star of a new Love & Hip Hop-style reality show called Trap-House Tricks. Judging by the ridiculously over-the-top clips from the shows Scandal parody, Defamation, this is going to be hilarious. 



Ashley Blaine Feathersons Joelle was seriously underserved in Season 1. She was basically sidelined to be Sams funny best friend, but she started to get a bit of her own storyline while reluctantly helping Sams sort-of boyfriend, Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) sort out his feelings about Sam, revealing that she was carrying her own unrequited torch for Reggie (Marque Richardson), in the process. 

Whats next for Lionel?


DeRon Hortons Lionel underwent a major transformation in Season 1. He went from being a socially awkward nerd who was too shy to even get a haircut to entering an openly gay relationship and exposing Winchesters ties to the bigoted and insanely wealthy donors, The Hancocks. Definitely interested in where he goes from there. 

Speaking of which, whats the fallout on campus after Lionels article is published?

There are going to be major repercussions. The threat of Armstrong-Parker, the all-black dorm, is probably not the last weapon the Hancocks have in their arsenal. But if we know anything about the residents of AP, they are not going to take any of this lying down. 

Dear White People, Vol. 2 will be streaming on Netflix on Friday, May 4. 

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