Should Kevin Durant Get Married Or Stay NBA’s Version Of Ralph Tresvant?

Kevin Durant’s tenure as a professional basketball player has been reminiscent of Ralph Tresvant’s famous romantic ode, Sensitivity. He showed that side that usually appears on Twitter recently and directed the energy towards his usual broadcast targets, Charles Barkley and Shaq, who he feels set an unfair standard for him.

“Because at this point, they’re saying, go play with Scoot Henderson (G League) and win a championship and then we’ll give you credit,” Durant said recently to Yahoo Sports in a hilarious lampoon of Barkley. “I don’t need no credit from y’all, no credit from [Barkley], no credit from Shaq. Y’all don’t ever have to watch me play ever again, don’t talk about me if you don’t [rock] with me.”

Just Get Married?

Fox Sports analyst Ric Bucher had a solution for Durant, which skews away from the game and into the relationship zone.

“Kevin Durant needs to get married,” Bucher said on “SPEAK” with Emmanuel Acho, LeSean McCoy, and Joy Taylor. “Kevin Durant needs a relationship that teaches him what you have to respond to and what you just let go, and that, for me, is what marriage taught me; what’s really important. Let’s get to the heart of it, I’m aware of all criticism, but I have learned how to only respond and take seriously criticism from those I respect and from those who know me.

“Again, you get married or have a significant other, and when they know you, and they talk to you about issues that may exist, I listen to that, and I’m able to differentiate that from all of the other noise that you might get because everybody’s got something to say especially in this sport, right?”

Married To The Game

Durant was once engaged. In 2014, Durant got engaged to then-Minnesota Lynx player Monica Wright. The two broke up for reasons Durant admitted to in a 2015 GQ article, “I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways. … I didn’t love her the right way.”

Kevin Durant cannot block the rants from his famous detractors. Image Credit: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

Since then, he has been connected to Cassandra Anderson, most notably in 2017 when he was still playing with the Golden State Warriors. That relationship has been ruled over for a while, and it’s unclear who he sees now. What is clear is that basketball is and will always be KD’s first love, and he is staunchly protective of that fact. However, Bucher believes KD must learn the restraint only a life partnership can teach.

“If you’ve got some sort of notoriety, any sort of presence, everyone wants to tell you how to do your business. The competitive part of me wants to answer every one of them; ‘no, you’ve got that wrong. You don’t know me,’ and that’s where I have to remind myself, you don’t know me. The problem with this with KD is, ‘I don’t need no credit from y’all.’ OK, so why are you even addressing it? Let Chuck say what he’s going to say. Let Shaq say… I’m me, I’mma do me, then I’mma chill. You ain’t chilling.”

KD should just chill and find a wife. Turn off, Ralph Tresvant.

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