Sharpton Plans Sterling Protest Rally

You know times have changed when TMZ becomes the ultimate breaker of news. After exposing Don Sterling’s disgustingly racist comments and all of the sordid details of his past, now they’re gotten word from MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton saying that if the NBA does not remove Sterling as head of the Clippers, he and other community leaders will stage a rally in New York on Tuesday.

“No one that has this kind of sentiment ought to be sanctioned or certified by the NBA,” the Rev. told TMZ. “And if they do not move immediately we’re planning on Tuesday to rally in front of the National Basketball Association in New York. And I’ve talked to my people in L.A. about rallying in front of the game…. He should be removed if in fact these statements prove to be authentic on tape and there’s no doubt that they are…we do not tend to let this go by the African-American community… In the middle of the playoffs we should not reward someone’s racism with our dollars.”

The pressure for the NBA to make a decision on Sterling is mounting with everyone from Magic Johnson to Dominique Wilkins, Lebron, and Kobe publicly speaking up and expressing their anger in Sterling’s statements with wishes for the NBA to remove him from ownership. And now, Sharpton plans to use his political and celebrity power to add pressure.

“There’s no space in American sports ownership for that. He has the right to say what he wants, but he does not have the right to say it and be certified by the National Basketball Association. This is beyond him now,” Sharpton added. “The National Basketball Association and basketball as a sport is on trial now.”


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