Shaq Says KD Is Right About Former NBA Players Hating On the Huge Contracts Current Players Garner | “We Get Petty”

It’s no secret that Kevin Durant has a serious problem with tweeting back every time someone mentions his name in a situation that doesn’t involve praise. The guy even has burner accounts so he can respond to fans without them knowing it’s him.

With those account identities revealed, the mega NBA superstar just uses his personal @KDTrey5 to respond to things he doesn’t agree with. That was no different last week when Pro Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley said KD needed to win an NBA championship as the “bus driver” of a team to really be considered among the all-time champions. 

This after the Golden State Warriors won their fourth title in eight years and first since Durant left the Bay Area following the 2019 season. GS proved they can win without KD for the second time, while he hasn’t proved the same in his illustrious career.

Durant responded as only he could via tweet …

“All this bleep is nasty, another terrible analogy from a hatin’ old head that can’t accept the fact that we make more bread than them. It’s just timin’ Chucky, don’t hate the playa.”


Kevin Durant Dismisses Charles Barkley’s Take On His Legacy As A “Terrible Analogy From A Hatin’ Old Head”


Shaq Says KD Isn’t Lying: Former Players Are Haters

In the wake of that spat, Barkley’s “NBA on TNT” co-host Shaquille O’Neal said KD isn’t lying.

“Let me tell you something, do you think I’m happy about Rudy Gobert making $250 million? So, KD, you’re absolutely right,” said the four-time NBA champion and three-time NBA Finals MVP in an interview.

We’re mad because the way we didn’t get that. You got these shooters shooting 22% making 30 million.”

“[Former NBA sharpshooter Dennis] Scott shot damn near 45 to 50% his whole career and the most he made was probably $7 million, so you damn right we get mad. We get petty, and guess what? We have an opinion, and our opinion counts.”

Shaq actually gave Gobert $45 million more than the max deal he actually signed last summer which was $205 million, but you get his point. Today’s players are making tons more today than players during Shaq and Barkley’s era, but that’s called inflation.



O’Neal Was Peeved About Gobert’s Deal

Last summer Gobert, a three-time DPOY, cashed out with a five-year, $205 million extension with the Utah Jazz. Upon receiving word that he was receiving such a lucrative bag, O’Neal took to Instagram to say he’d dominate the “Stifel Tower.”

“I woulda had 45 points, 16 rebounds, ten missed free throws in three quarters. He woulda had 11 points, four rebounds and fouled out in 3 quarters,” Shaq insisted. 

Gobert responded with a tweet not feeling guilty at all about his hefty bag. Also not acknowledging the players who put in the work to allow the current players to make such generation-changing cash. 

Shaq didn’t stop there. In an interview on the “All Things Covered” podcast, the former L.A. Lakers legend said: 

 “I’m not gonna hate, but this should be inspiration to all the little kids out there. You average 11 points in the NBA, you can get $200 million.”

Shaq was clearly hatin’ and even admitted as much to KD. Yesterday’s players are always going to feel a way about the elevation in salaries, but like many changes the game goes through, it’s all part of the evolution of the sport. 

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