Seth Davis Bids Farewell To Sports Illustrated

Last month, Sports Illustrated announced that it would be letting go some of its most prominent writers. Among them was Senior Writer and a long-time staple of their college basketball team, Seth Davis.

I have not an ounce of regret or bitterness,” Davis said when the news broke. “This is the way the industry is headed. SI is a great place with great people.

In addition to his work with Sports Illustrated, Davis also appears regularly on CBS Sports’ college basketball coverage, among some of his other television work.

Yesterday, he penned a heartfelt farewell letter on, talking about how he fulfilled his lifelong dream of working his way up the magazine’s masthead. 

“How many people have a chance to fulfill their ultimate dream? I have been blessed to do a lot of things in my journalism career, but wherever I go and whatever I will do, I will always be amazed and humbled that I have written so long for this incredible magazine,” he writes. ” Its all I ever wanted to do.”

Davis will still be around writing books and adding his voice to college basketball discussions on television, but his writing will be missed by longtime fans of Sports Illustrated. He’s one of the industry’s notable voices. When people like him start getting laid off, that let’s you know how very difficult this industry really is.

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