Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev Defeats Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins

Atlantic City, NJ was set-up to be the scene for an exciting fight. Either Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins would once again prove the doubters wrong, or Sergey "The Krusher" Kovalev would demonstrate that he had the talent to be a true champion in the sport. Only one would emerge victorious; unfortunately for fans of the alien, the later would occur at the end of the fight.

Kovalev dominated the fight, putting his power and full boxing arsenal on display for all to see. He landed almost triple the nuber of punches as Hopkins through the first three rounds, knocking Hopkins down one minute into the first round with a solid right hand. Hopkins would come alive later in the fight, but it was evident for all to see that Sergey was dominating the fight. And although Kovalev hadn't gone past the eight round in his previous fights, his stamina and skills stayed with him through the additional four rounds, eventually winning a unanimous decision 120-106 and 120-107 (twice).

While the end result leaves much in question for the 49 year old boxer from Philly, the future looks bright for "The Krusher". 

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