Scandal’s Season Finale Overshadowed by Columbus Short’s Scandalous Life

Scandal actor Columbus Short appears to be buggin’ as of late.  Last month, he was accused of punching a man and knocking him out during a fight at the engagement party of a relative. In 2010, he punched a dude in the mouth during a basketball game at a Los Angeles gym.  Now comes news that Short threatened his wife, actress Tanee McCall, with murder/suicide while drunkenly accusing her of cheating.  The two had recently been promoting a short film they’d worked on together. And now, a restraining order has been filed and McCall is reportedly filing for divorce a third time. 

What’s the problem? What’s this brother mad about? Here’s a man on arguably the biggest drama in the history of network television (which also happens to be airing its season finale tonight), and instead of shining as one of the stars, the focus is on Short’s personal life and how he’s seemingly mentally cracking under the pressure. 

But you never know what’s going on in a marriage or a person’s life. This is only the most recent report in a string of incidents where Short is accused of threatening his wife. In February, he was arrested after an argument where he allegedly pushed her. 


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