USC’s Sam Darnold Improves Stock By Throwing Great In Rainy Pro Day

Put the evaluations and criticisms aside and one thing NFL teams discovered about USC QB Sam Darnold on Wednesday is that hes a down ass quarterback. 

While some draft picks would rather take their chances than risk dropping in the draft because of a bad Pro Day workout, Arnold not only braved the rain, he made strong accurate throws and showed a willingness to lead in inclement weather and under poor conditions. We know how that Cleveland weather can be brutal late in the year. 

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Throw at Pro Day they said. The weather will be perfect they said. Sam Darnold still looking sharp #USCProDay

Mock drafts say Darnold has risen to the top of the NFL Draft board. The only quarterback to ever throw for 4,000 yards at USC looks to be in position to become another in a long line of USC quarterbacks to be drafted into the NFL. Insiders say Donald will be selected by the Browns at No. 1. 

USC has sent 18 quarterbacks to the NFL, more than any other college program, but those quarterbacks havent panned out at the next level. The only USC quarterback drafted since 1967 to be selected to multiple Pro Bowls is Carson Palmer. Mark Sanchezs four playoff wins is the most by a USC quarterback in the modern NFL era and equals the number of playoff wins that the other 17 quarterbacks have combined (4-11).  

It was cool throwing with my guys one last time, Arnold told reporters after the workout. I thought it went really well. Working on those things in the offseason… my hip mobility… when I throw it really showed today. It was awesome to come out here and use those tools I been working on. 

All 32 teams were represented in a star-studded affair which was aired live on NFL Network.  

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Jets are among the teams here at Sam Darnold’s Pro Day with all of their main decision makers – Bowles, Maccagnan and Heimerdinger among them – to scout the potential No. 1 overall pick.

Darnold’s talent and skills are something that scouts have raved about. Some have suggested that he can be an all-time great. It took others a longer time to place him at the top of the board. 

As the smoke clears on what is always a bizarre and unpredictable combine and draft scouting process, Darnold finds himself at the top of the heap. NFL Network analysts had a favorable opinion of Darnold as well. 

This is a quarterback who can create time and space. and for todays NFL that should be on the top of the list

Maybe this is the No. 1 pick that changes the course of Browns history. The franchise is long overdue.  

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