RZA Taking Acting Chops To FOX Drama “Gang Related”

Since the Wu-Tang Clan's heyday, RZA has dipped his toes into songwriting, screenwriting and the silver screen but now the meta-spiritual artist is taking the next step in his career. Last year, he co-wrote and directed The Man With The Iron Fist but in the fall, the Wu Tang Clan's de facto leader will step in front of the camera and star in FOX's upcoming drama, Gang Related. RZA has been cast in a few recent supporting roles on Californication, Outlaw, American Gangsta, Repo Man and Afro Samurai, but Gang Related will be his first starring role.

According to Pitchfork.com, RZA has been cast in the FOX series as Cassius, the lead character's partner.

Here's his very specific character motive via The Hollywood Reporter: "He decided to become a cop after the object of his affection was gunned down. The community's ambivalence toward her death drives him to seek justice in a world that seems to have stopped caring."

The pilot will be written by Chris Morgan, aka the dude who wrote some of the Fast & Furious movies.

RZA's been flashing his versatility in Hollywood for a few years now so network television is the natural next step in his evolution as a performer. Say what up to The Fresh Prince, LL Cool J and Ice T.

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