I’m Doing Me | Boxer Ryan Garcia Has Second Baby With Wife, Divorces Her In A Tweet Moments Later and Pulls Out of Devin Haney Fight

Boxer Ryan Garcia had himself a dynamic weekend.

He went from an expectant father and husband to a father of two and a single parent all in the span of 24 hours.

Ryan Garcia Has A Baby, Immediately Gets Divorced

According to Garcia himself, he welcomed his first baby boy, Henry Leo Garcia, on Friday evening.

“Honored To announce my Beautiful First Born SON PRAISE THE LORD. I am so thankful, I love him so much already. He is so fast already haha. Took him just 8 min to arrive You know where he got that speed from lol. GOD DID! And GOD WILL … THANK YOU LORD I LOVE YOU.” Garcia posted on Instagram.

Almost immediately after he posted the birth of his child, he then took to social media to publicly announce that he and his wife, Andrea Celina, who just birthed his child, were getting a divorce.

In the since-deleted post, Garcia wrote “As I enter a new chapter in my life, it is with great regret that I share that ‘Drea’ and I have decided to divorce”.

This is shocking news considering majority of the public didn’t even realize that Garcia was married. The backlash was pretty severe.

But the obvious shock value of this situation comes from the fact that his wife just had his kid right before he announced their divorce.

The couple already shares another child together and, according to Garcia, “it’s important to emphasize that our relationship as co-parents remains our top priority.”

Andrea Celina did not post the same statement addressing their divorce, but she did post some very cryptic messages on her Instagram story.

Why Did Boxer Ryan Garcia Announce Divorce Of His Wife Andrea Celina?

Ryan Garcia has yet to further elaborate on his reason for the divorce, and, more important, the timing of the announcement.

All things considered, Garcia might be dealing with some tough internal conflicts, because not only did he pull a double whammy on Celina by immediately breaking up with her after she birthed his child, but the lightweight fighter also recently backed out of his highly anticipated bout with Devin Haney that was supposed to happen sometime in 2024.

“I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route,” Garcia posted Saturday morning on X formerly known as Twitter. “My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero.”

Haney doesn’t care if Garcia is going through something internally either, and he held nothing back in his response to Garcia’s cancellation.

“Don’t ever mention my name, p—y boi,” Haney said.

The two notoriously clashed three years back, and were tip-toeing around a potential fight with each other, but as Garcia has decided that the two will not be fighting.

As of right now there is no telling if Garcia’s family situation has anything to do with his decision to cancel the fight between him and Haney. Inquiring minds will continue to want to know what made him throw his wife under the bus on the same day that she brought his second child into the world.

If anything, he needs a better PR team.

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