Russell Wilson sees “Huge Difference” In Beginning Camp As Starter

There is absolutely no question on who is the starting quarterback in Seattle this year. That title belongs to Russell Wilson, as he solidified his spot after exceeding expectations last season and leading his team into the playoffs. Wilson now understands the advantages of being the unquestioned starter from day one in camp. 


“It makes a huge difference, in terms of being a starting quarterback so early because you get all those extra reps,” Wilson said, via quotes distributed by the team.  ”Having those extra reps and being in situations, when the game is on the line, that type of situation, visualizing that type of success.  You really have to be in those situations; more times than not.  Knowing the actual plays, understanding the time it takes to get the ball out, with ones vs. ones every day.  And our defense is one of the top in the National Football League.  So we have to go against these guys every day.  It’s so competitive.  To be able to get three times more reps this year makes a huge difference.”

WIlson had a Pro Bowl season last year, as he fought his way from third on the QB depth chart. It's scary to think how good he will be this season with more time and preparation.