Russell Wilson Brings In 30 Years On This Earth By Having One Of His Best Seasons Ever

One of the greatest longshots in NFL history turns 30 years old today.

One of the greatest longshots in NFL history turns 30 years old today. When Russell Wilson was a two-sport athlete scrambling and throwing darts around the field as a Heisman candidate for Wisconsin back in 2012, all it earned him was a drop to the third round. 

Wilson finally got his break with a Seahawks franchise that needed a QB with a reserved demeanor to compliment the controlled chaos of head coach Pete Carroll.Wilson was chill, but he also had  a chip on his shoulder and an unwavering confidence.

Waiting For Wilson

The Seahawks identified their quarterback of the future early in the scouting process and engaged in a cat-and-mouse game to land Russell Wilson.

The rest is pretty much Hall of Fame history. Russell Wilson’s been to two Super Bowls and is considered a Top 5 QB in the game. And in 2018, he’s been as good as ever under some tough circumstances. He has 25 TDs and just 5 picks and added more game-winning drives and clutch throws to his glittering resume. All the while, assuming the majority of the responsibility on a very flawed team. Despite these flaws, the Seahawks are 6-5 and still in the playoff hunt.

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RUSSELL WILSON. DAVID MOORE. 4th down… GOT ‘EM! ? ?: FOX #Seahawks

QB Royalty  

Wilson is a QB in the vein of Grambling’s own Doug Williams, whose Super Bowl heroics, intelligence, leadership, and rocket arm opened the door for similar NFL beasts Warren Moon (who toiled in the CFL from 78-83) and Steve “Air” McNair (Alcorn State).

To this day, the NFL hasn’t seen a more exhilarating or elusive player than Mike Vick in a Falcons uniform in his prime. His style of play birthed a generation of dual-threat QBs including Wilson, who mastered Vick’s blueprint and raised the stakes, becoming the second black QB to win a Super Bowl in 2014.


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Everytime a QB like Russell Wilson win a Super Bowl he gotta thank Mike Vick for teaching him


Mayor Of The 6′ 2″ And Below Club

Russell Wilson is the evolution of all Black quarterbacks before him, but his lack of height and size makes his accomplishments even more remarkable.

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Shortest NFL QBs Doug Flutie 5′ 10″ Russell Wilson 5′ 11″ Drew Brees 6′ Mike Vick 6′ Johnny Manziel 6′ Baker Mayfield 6′ Tyron Taylor 6′ 1″ Aaron Rodgers 6′ 2″ Height is only a number. If you can ball out then you are good to go! ?

Since 1983, every Super Bowl-winning quarterback except Drew Brees and Wilson has stood 6′ 2″ or better. He’s a freak of nature and when his team is in its darkest hours, there’s a mean streak within Wilson that surfaces.

He’s got an inner passion that results in the smallest guy on the field making the biggest impact on the game’s final score. Wilson is like a miniature bushwhacker, hacking his way through a dense forest of 10-foot weeds and coming out on the other end unscathed and ready to reap the rewards.

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One of the most clutch players in ??? Happy Birthday @Seahawks Quarterback @DangeRussWilson ?

Wilson’s height only drives him towards the next goal, often dragging thousands of pounds of human flesh in football uniforms with him.


MLK of the NFL

MLK wasn’t a tall man. He stood about an inch or two shorter than the dopest 5″10 QB on the planet. Both diminutive men are giant in stature. Their rare combination of relentlessness, quiet confidence, immeasurable heart and dedication to their chosen purpose resulted in them becoming leaders who other strong men willingly and confidently follow into any field of battle. Wilson’s Why Not You charitable organization has donated and raised millions for various causes. 

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Seahawks Russell Wilson with 30 big time throws this season, which is tied for first in the league with Big Ben

While MLK ducked billy clubs, fought attack dogs and fire hose assaults, Wilson’s been ducking defenders, fighting height discrimination and bracing for ferocious hits and attacks from sasquatch-like, ball-obliterators looking to put an end to his glorious rise.

MLK marched because his predecessors were beaten and systematically crippled when they tried to speak out against injustice. Wilson balls so hard and it means so much because the history of the QB position in the NFL is marred by systematic discrimination, bias, and oppression of the black athlete.

It’s amazing to see the impact DangerRuss has had on the world in just three decades of living.

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