Ronde Barber Put Josh Freeman On Notice

Ronde Barber was the ultimate foil to opposing quarterbacks throughout his 16-year career. However, the one quarterback he sided with were his own. Josh Freeman is currently entering his fifth season as the Bucs quarterback and it's a make-or-break one. Since Freeman's breakout season in 2010, he's struggled to remain on even ground throwing for 43 touchdowns and 39 interceptions in his last two seasons as the organization has made it clear that they won't begin negotiating an extension for Freeman until after the season. Now that he's retired, Barber is beginning to publicly express doubt about Freeman's ability to carry the offense on his own shoulders.


"If they get away from Doug Martin, they don't have the offense they're anticipating having this year," Barber said during halftime of the Bucs' 25-21 preseason loss to the New England Patriots. "Because Josh Freeman can't carry it by himself. We all know that. He's prone to mistakes. Doug Martin, he's the guy that puts the team on your back and you run with him."

On the plus side, this could be an auspicious sign of good fortune for the Bucs' future. The most recent Barber twin to criticize his former quarterback publicly was Tiki in 2007. Ronde's comments aren't as biting or personal as Tiki's, but the sentiment is the same. By the way, Eli Manning, another embattled quarterback entering his fifth season won the Super Bowl that season.