Ronda Rousey Is Already A Big Deal In The WWE

If Ronda Rousey never accomplished anything again on the mat or in the octagon, shed still be considered one of the baddest women to ever test her skills in combat sports. She single-handedly helped save, financially-rejuvenate and explode Dana Whites UFC product as she torched through her female opponents to a 6-0 record and graced the cover and social media conversations of million daily.   

But after successive defeats to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, Rouseys legacy was in tatters and just like that, she fell out of her mythical popularity and had to regroup after White basically begged her to retire back in 2017. 

At just 30 years of age, Rousey had to bow out of UFC, but the legend of her early conquests and marketability helped sustain her financial viability and now Dana Whites loss is Vince McMahon and the WWEs gain as Rousey is destined to become one of the most influential and enthralling stars in womens wrestling history. She comes at the perfect time as women’s wrestling is in the middle of a golden era of sorts and her captivating presence could really help it blow. 

Stephanie McMahon says Ronda Rousey has some explaining to do: Raw Talk, Feb. 25, 2018

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon says she is going to have to remind Ronda Rousey and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle of their roles in WWE. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Rousey has already established her legend and is recognized as a pioneer and the godmother of America’s mixed martial arts exposure to mainstream audiences.  She perfected the hustle and her first legendary moment as a professional wrestler occured on Saturday night as Rousey was supposed to sign her contract Sunday night at elimination Chamber 2018 in Las Vegas. 

When the situation didnt go Rouseys way she wound up slamming Triple H through a table in the middle of the ring. She also ate a vicious pimp smack by Triple H’s wife and Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon, who wasn’t feeling her husband lying there motionless on a split table with Rousey menacingly looking over him. 

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WATCH: Ronda Rousey slams Triple H through a table and before signing her WWE contract

I have to say, Rousey got right to it. No fighting other women first and working her way up. Rousey showed her all-world strength by slamming Triple H, who is a huge dude and setting the stage for Raw general manager Kurt Angle and Rousey to take on Triple H and Stephanie in a highly-anticipated battle in New Orleans on April 8. 

Rousey is already becoming a money machine for the WWE and they will quickly regain the popularity that she once had near the  top of the American entertainment sports food chain, proving that shes the kind of warrior that you can never count out.

Per on January 30, 2018: “A few years after Rousey proved women could headline and draw big money in MMA, pro wrestling followed suit, slowly, putting women in more prominent positions. On Sunday night, during the Royal Rumble show, the companys No. 2 show of the year, it was the womens match, not the mens match, that was put in the main event position. That was more because it had to go on last since they wanted to close the show with Rousey. But even a few years ago, doing such a thing would be unthinkable.”

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