Ron Donovan Is Driven To Produce, Create And Innovate On A Higher Level

Ron Donovan is the founder, creative director, and chief shoemaker of RONDONOVAN Footwear & Accessories Inc. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the footwear industry, and continues to design and produce lifestyle products under his RONDONOVAN label. He now also designs and produces for other prominent luxury brands.

The Power of 5- Ron Donovan Part 1

Ron is described, by many, as having the extreme resiliency and is often asked how he became so driven. He says that he honestly doesnt remember not having what others have described as, the ultimate drive and attributes his faith with being the force behind it. Donovans faith challenges and pushes him daily to give absolutely every bit that he has. It also provides him with comfort and hope, and enables him to trust when there just isnt any more he can do. He believes there are two types of men; those who live and those who exist. Rons journey through life has been about living, not just being.

The Power of 5- Ron Donovan Part 2

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