Roger Goodell’s Role In The Appeals Process Is Last Obstacle In NFL HGH Deal

The NFL and the NFL Player’s Association are very close to finalizing a deal which will allow the league to test players for human growth hormone.  The only dilemma in the deal is the role Commissioner Roger Goodell will have in the appeal process.

Via TheState: 

 "The final hurdle appears to be" the union's desire to have someone other than Goodell rule on appeals that involve violations of the law or "demonstrated use" of a performance-enhancing substance without a positive test. The email adds that the NFL does not "believe it is appropriate further to limit the commissioner's disciplinary authority.

HGH testing in the NFL is LONG overdue, and will undoubtedly be a great thing for the league. But what’s being understated is “the final hurdle” in the deal. It’s more like a giant leap. The NFLPA lost trust in Goodell after “Bountygate,” and it will take a great compromise for them to agree to allow him to handle the appeals process.