Rockets Fans Hate On Ayesha Curry’s Houston Restaurant Before It Opens

After Chris Paul was injured and the Rockets shot negative a billion percent from three point range in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors (it was actually, as we wrote after Game 7, a “‘blisteringly’ disgusting 7-44 from three point range” which equated to “a horrendous 15.9%.”), the Rockets and their fans headed into the summer asking “what if” while the Warriors marched on to a sweep of the Cavs for their third title in four years.

Rockets fans, obviously still very salty over their team’s John Starks like performance in the loss, decided to take their frustrations out on the Warriors extended family by hating on Ayesha Curry’s new restaurant in Houston. The bad, yet somewhat creative, postings on Yelp were pure Rockets’ venom, but the only problem is that Curry’s restaurant, International Smoke (ironic name, no?), hasn’t actually opened yet.

Tomer Azarly on Twitter

Ayesha Curry’s restaurant is coming to Houston, and #Rockets fans have already piled up the 1-Star reviews before it even opened #Warriors #NBA

Tomer Azarly on Twitter

GUYS WHAT IS GOING ON?! 155 reviews and the new photos have me DEAD #Warriors #Rockets #NBA

While the hate is real, you can’t help but laugh at the comedy created by Rockets’ fans.

This is absolutely the worst place to go – her husband ripped our hearts out and now she has the guts to open up a place here?? I would never set foot in this place even if it was the last place on earth.
P.S. This restaurant is full of snakes

I had the roasted curry ankles. The presentation was ok but the main problem was Ankle Butcher Paul had broken the ankles 3 separate times! The fried snake was chewy and tough. The taste was inconsistent and it seemed to be much smaller and pathetic to a when the fourth quarter, excuse me, serving of the snake came along. My wife ordered the seared donkey legs with cracked nut sauce, but clearly, this donkey had been doing some kicking and fighting! The meat was clearly posterized by the bearded donkey herder. The chef’s (Curry, Thompson, and Green) clearly were not good enough to win any cooking competitions. Maybe if they added Chef Durant from Oklahoma City? 3 world class chefs clearly are not enough! Especially when there are chefs like that of Chef James of Cleveland and Chef Harden of Houston. The good news is, the chefs cut everything in very small bites! They have experience in choking! I found it appalling when my server Andre came over and blew on my 3-1 lead soup! Unbelievable! Who blows on 3-1 lead soup?

True Houstonians would go to Pappa’s.

Then there’s this one that’s full Lawry’s.

Does anyone ever notice how Riley Curry will only appear at post game press conferences after big wins but won’t even show her face when the Warriors lose. I don’t think that’s fair to the rest of the team. When is Riley Curry going to face the music after a big loss?

Looks like H-Town fans got a jump on the 2018 season.

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