Rep. Maxine Waters Wakanda Salutes At Aretha Franklin’s Homegoing

At the time of writing this article, Aretha Franklin’s funeral, her homegoing is rightfully still going strong 6 hours strong. 

Those in attendance were a mix of friends, family and a cross section luminaries of politicians, athletes, and entertainers. 

House Rep. Maxine Water was in attendance and acknowledged for her ongoing battle with 45 by the pastor and was reassured we had her back. 

Emotions were already high, but Aunty Maxine took the service up another notch when she crossed her arms in the Wakanda salute, that originated from Marvel’s Black Panther.

Together we rise on Twitter

Maxine Waters gave the Wakanda salute to a black pastor, at a black funeral for a black icon. I love Auntie Maxine! #ArethaHomegoing

Since the success of the blockbuster, the Wakanda salute has been seen in sports to celebrate, and as a greeting on the red carpet. 

And now the adopted universal sign of black love and unity has its made its way into hallowed space where The Queen Of Soul will rest. It’s almost fitting. 

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