Redskins Racist Name Is Finally Thing of the Past

There are times In every journalist’s life when cynicism may set in. Many of us were taught that journalism was not only a right but a necessity. Once upon a time, way back in some dusty classroom with antiquated books and equally antiquated teachers, some of us were rightfully taught that properly administered journalistic principles were a form of activism against the rich, greedy, narcissistic, well-placed monsters of the world who would do anything to turn the clock of progress backwards.  

For a very long time, we imagined that Washington NFL franchise owner Daniel Snyder would be the quintessential Legion of Doom villain for the entirety of his ownership of the Washington NFL team.  

He seemed dead set on allowing his bottom line to dictate his conscience, even going to so far as a funding bogus poll of Native Americans who believed the Redskins moniker was NOT disrespectful.

Washington Redskin’s Owner Daniel Snyder Says Team Will “NEVER” Change Its Name

An even longer time ago, a friend and I were discussing advancements in interstellar propulsion the likes of which I deemed impossible, at which point he reminded me that all advancements were exponential. I’m reminded of that at the release of a press release by the Washington NFL franchise stating that they’ll do away with the last vestiges of willful ignorance and disrespect in the National Football League. Last week, The Shadow League reported that Snyder and company agreed to “investigate” a name change after tens of millions of dollars’ worth of ad money decided they didn’t want to be associated with a team that any logic-minded individual could see is named for a racist slur meant to demean and objectify individuals of Native descent.  

Dan Synder’s Apathy Is Noted, But Money Talks So The Redskins Logo Is Chalk

Today we’re happy to announce that nearly a century of total bullsh*t is finally coming to an end. 

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