Reagan Maui’a Says He Met Mythical Girlfriend Of Te’o And Troy Polamalu Didn’t

Former Arizona Cardinal FB Reagan Maui’a added a whole new twist to the Manti Te’o story.  Maui’a says he actually met the alleged woman known as Lennay Kekua.

This is so confusing. How is it possible a 6 year NFL vet met her and her supposed boyfriend hadn’t?

While we aren’t sure what the former Cardinals fullback is trying to accomplish, he did ensure that we know Troy Polamalu isn’t involved in this sham.  It isn’t clear how Polamalu got involved in this mess.  He did make sure to Tweet and let his followers know he has nothing to do with this.

I’m not sure what to believe but I do know that I never heard of Maui’a until these quotes and tweets. I can’t help but to think he’s jumping on this grenade to garner attention for himself.

If he’s telling the truth it adds another layer to this insane story. If he’s lying then you just have to wonder why. Either way we’re left with way more questions than answers.

I have a feeling we’ll hear more of these stories which only leave us even more confused. 


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