Raiders’ Damon Arnette Threatens Fans With Guns Over Social Media Harassment

The last few weeks have been an utter embarrassment regarding the Las Vegas Raiders as a franchise.

First, you had head coach Jon Gruden resigning amidst a barrage of emails with him repeatedly using racist, misogynistic, and LGBTQ comments.

Then the fatal car crash involving wide receiver Henry Ruggs III in which he was traveling 156 miles per hour after having what has been reported as many as 18 alcoholic drinks while out. The crash resulted in the death of a 23-year-old Vegas woman and her dog.

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Arnette’s Troubling Threat To A Fan

Now you have Arnette on social media threatening to kill a fan for DM harassment as he brandishes his firearms.

Arnette can be seen on video telling a fan to pull and he’ll kill him as he shows a variety of artillery. He also says there are other people at the house willing to kill him.

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Arnette Has Other Legal Issues Ongoing

Arnette has been accused of injuring a woman in an October 2020 car crash. She’s seeking $92K in punitive damages stemming from what she’s calling a hit-and-run. He reportedly was headed to Raiders team facilities when he slammed into the alleged victim’s car at 65 mph.

The alleged victim says she suffers from neck pain, shoulder pain, head trauma, back pain, depression, and even panic attacks.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia was asked about the situation, and he had this to say:

“We’re away of it. We’re aware of it today. I think it’s been pushed to his lawyers and attorneys and their team of people to handle it.”

Backstory On Arnette

The Las Vegas Raiders drafted the former Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback with the 19th overall selection of the 2020 NFL draft. When chosen, most of the chatter was about the Raiders reaching for what many considered a good prospect but more of a Day 2 selection.

GM Mike Mayock was quick to defend the team’s selection in a post-draft interview by saying the following:

“What distinguishes him is, No. 1, he can run. No. 2, he’s tough as nails, and when you talk about competitors, he’s played most of the season with a cast on his arm.”

“He can play outside, he can play inside, he can play left, he can play right. We feel like this is one of the most competitive football players in the entire draft. So, to answer your question, we don’t feel, at all, like this is a reach.”

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Arnette Disappointed In Year One, Hurt This Season

In 2020, Arnette was on a secondary that surrendered 28 touchdown passes and collected just ten interceptions. And he was victimized more than any other Raiders defender in coverage.

Couple that with his current injury, all this legal trouble, and now brandishing firearms and threatening fans via social media, and one would have to think the Raiders will soon cut bait with him as well.

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