Racial Slurs Sparked Brawl During Cubs’ Hispanic Heritage Night

A crazy brawl broke out in Wrigley Field’s bleachers after racial slurs were hurled around following the Cubs’ Hispanic Heritage Night.

The incident occurred Monday night after the Cubs‘ 5-1 loss to the Pirates.

According to @SonRanto aka Danny Rockett, he originally said the whole fight started because of “racism,” but when contacted by Sun-Times, he changed his statement, saying I really dont know. Probably just drunks going back and forth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary really until it was a melee.

Danny Rockett on Twitter

Part of bleacher fighting. https://t.co/5i0p8PwhsN

Rockett recorded the fight in a video that was watched over a million times on social media. You can see two men exchanging punches, Cubs security guards trying to break up the fight and one fan yelling multiple times, “There’s no fighting in the bleachers!”

In the second video, Hispanic slurs could clearly be heard by one of the brawlers from the first video. Once the man immediately saw Rockett was videotaping him, he says “Don’t record me!” and went at him. Security pressured Rockett to put his phone away, telling him “you’re on private property. You don’t have permission to videotape anyone.” The video soon ends after.

Danny Rockett on Twitter

@kellyawallace @TacoAffcionado Have at it then. https://t.co/M6FdtanK4Z

Cubs spokesman Julian Green said all parties involved were removed from Wrigley and the security guard was “incorrect” about fans filming.

People film every time they come to games, he said. We will brief our staff about that.

No arrests were made. As for the man who yelled the racial slur, you got caught and will have to deal with the consequences that follow.

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