Malcolm X’s Daughters Team Up With NBA Stars For New Clothing Line

The late activist’s daughters are keeping the legacy of their father alive via a new clothing line.

Malcolm X’s six daughters launched a clothing line inspired by their late father. Several NBA stars have now reached out to help.

Malcolm’s daughter, Qubilah Shabazz, told TMZ that the Malcolm X Legacy clothing line was created as a “great way to commemorate my father.” Shabazz added, “we’re hoping that it will have an impact on today’s youth.”

Shabazz also told TMZ Sports that collaborations will take place with numerous NBA players in the future. However, she didn’t want to reveal any names because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Qubilah and her sisters first presented the clothing line at Harlem Fashion Week earlier this year and the response has been pretty positive thus far.

The clothing line consists of everything from hats to shirts, including pillows with some of Malcolm’s most famous quotes.

Former NFL star and recent activist, Colin Kaepernick has already shown his support for the brand on social media.

No word yet on when the line will be available to the public.

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