Prince Sues Fans Over Bootlegged Properties

    In addition to making hit music, Prince is also very comfortable in the court room. His Purple Majesty is suing 22 individuals for copyright infringements over leaked concert footage being share on the Internet. According to the lawsuit, some of the footage is from a 1983 concert in Chicago while other footage is from more recent affairs. The filing lists two people by name but the remaining 20 are listed by their online user names only. Prince is seeking $1 million in damages from each defendant. The suit claims the defendants engaged in massive infringement and bootlegging activities. One of the defendants is said to have had 363 links to file sharing services that host bootlegged material of Prince concerts. "Prince has suffered and is continuing to suffer damages in an amount according to proof, but no less than $1 million per Defendant" the suit alleges. Prince has always been very particular over who controls his properties and this appears to be more of the same, but the lawsuit might eventually cost him more money than it will bring in. The singer/songwriter was denied similar claims in 2007 when suing Pirate Bay over for copyright infringement as well.