POTB: Bylines And Bags With Hella Opinions Host Sylvia Obell

The host of Buzzfeed’s late night talk show breaks down how she found her worth on her own terms.

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Journalist, commentator, and host of BuzzFeed’s Hella Opinions, Sylvia Obell stopped by the office to put some points on the board. You’ve probably seen her byline online or in print, but Sylvia’s rise in the new media space wasn’t overnight.

The New Jersey native reflects on the stages of her career that have shaped her editorial voice and ability to secure written opportunities.

Highlights include:

Obell’s time at North Carolina A&T

Learning her craft as a writer/reporter in Kentucky

Fly Eagles Fly

How she broke the internet/black twitter with her Black Chyna / Kardashian profile

How to maintain authenticity on social media, on camera, and in the written world

The responsibility of hosting Hella Opinions

Her latest byline, Lizzo interview for Essence Magazine.

The Greatest HBCU homecoming of all time

And more.


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