Points On The Board: The Sasha Del Valle Episode

#PointsOnTheBoard is a podcast where managing editor, Kyle Harvey and Shadow League contributors and guests break down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

On this weeks episode, model, actress, and content producer, Sasha Del Vallestopped by the office to put some points on the board. 

Extra Innings – Sasha Del Valle by Points On The Board

Sasha Del Valle stops by POTB to talk about her new production company, Overtime and her latest project about the life of the Starlet Startenders.

We discuss…

Her new web series, Startenders co-produced with her mentor, Charlagmagne Tha God, and new production company Overtime

NYC Nightlife Culture

Being a Patriots fan while growing up in NJ. 

1 Gotta Go: Cardi B, J. Lo, Selena 

Kyle Harvey is a writer, producer and the current managing editor of The Shadow League. Host of the Points On The Board podcast, and a proudly washed college athlete, Harvey had previous stints at Slant News, The Bleacher Report, NBC News, and theGrio. Originally from Wilmington, DE, Harvey graduated from North Carolina A&T State University.