Points On The Board: The One Year Anniversary Episode

The POTB team reflects on one year of dope guests and even better stories.

Points On The Board is a podcast on The Shadow League, hosted by managing editor Kyle Harvey. Each week, Harvey sits down with rising athletes, sports writers, and creatives who analyze the lessons they learned from the field and how they applied it to their crafts. Subscribe here for the latest episodes.

On this special episode, Bryon and I are going to take a look back and reflect on some of our favorite guests and moments that stood out.

The mission of points on the board was to put on display and show how sports and culture and the leaders in both industries are forever intertwined for their love of competition. And the POTB clips we dropped in this episode most definitely reflect that.

Guests featured on this episode:

Kareem Biggs Burke
Eboni K Williams
Coodie and Chike
Taylor Rooks
Maud Arnold

And more.


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