Points On The Board: The Akon Episode

#PointsOnTheBoard is a podcast where managing editor, Kyle Harvey, and Shadow League contributors and guests break down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

On this weeks episode, the Senegalese-American musician, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Akon stopped by the office to put some points on the board.

Extra Innings – Akon by Points On The Board

Akon stops by to talk about Akoin and developing a real Wakanda, partnering with the NBA, and what it would be like to bring Sheck Wes back to Africa to perform. Rate. Comment. Subscribe. Share. Check out more from the League at: www.TheShadowLeague.com twitter.com/ShadowLeagueTSL www.facebook.com/TheShadowLeague.TSL www.instagram.com/theshadowleague #TSLCulture #PointsOnTheBoard

Akon’s new bitcoin endeavor AKoin, and how he wants to use it to empower Africa 

Black people’s fascination with Wakanda vs actually investing in Africa

The explosion of Afrobeats and the NBA becoming the global game. 

From Africa to Harlem, his thoughts on the artist Sheck Wes and NBA rookie Mo Bamba. 

Reflect on his 15+ years in the game, proteges and the art of creating classics 

And more. 

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