POTB: NBA Vet, Medical Marijuana Boss, Al Harrington

Harrington spent 16 years in the league but pivoted into a more budding industry.


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NBA veteran, Al Harrington spent 16 years in the league but pivoted into a more budding industry. And he stopped by the office to put some points on the board.

The New Jersey native was drafted straight outta high school and was a part of his generation’s more memorable rosters.

During his time as a professional hooper, Harrington also gained a personal, professional, and medical appreciation for cannabis. Sparked by seeing a need that wasn’t there yet, his newfound passion evolved into a business. Enter, VIOLA, Harrington’s high-end cannabis company. He’s one of the first athletes and few Black people that are in the legal marijuana service industry. Harrington has made it his purpose to destigmatize the stereotypes associated with the flower.

And on this episode of POTB, we talk about that and everything in between.


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