Points On The Board: Lowkey Film OGs, Coodie & Chike

The directing duo stopped by to talk about their latest film project, A Kid From Coney Island.

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Directing duo, Coodie and Chike are no strangers to telling stories that are sacred to the hood.

The two are responsible for some of hip-hop’s more vintage visuals –Kanye West’s ‘Through Wire’, Erykah Badu’s ‘Window Seat’– post the early 2000s, stopped by to talk about their latest film project, A Kid From Coney Island, where they profiled legendary BK hooper, Stephon Marbury and his upbringing.

A New York basketball great and a legend in China, Marbury’s story is one that sheds light on mental health, failure and success, and overcoming adversity.  The guys also reflect on what it was like making Benji, the story of the slain and promising Chicago baller, for ESPN’s 30 for 30 film series.

Highlights include:

Early Kanye West stories

Gaining Stephon Marbury’s Trust

Similarities in Benji and Nipsey Hussle’s death

Music videos they would have loved to direct

The most important jerseys in Chicago and New Orleans sports history

And more.


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