“Please Go For The Knees, Maybe A Hammy” | IG Model Says She’s Eli Apple’s Son’s Mother, Places Bounty On Him This Season!

In the world of NFL wives and girlfriends, the mother of Miami Dolphins cornerback Eli Apple’s son is opening the door to a new level of revenge.

Destani, the mother to Apple’s young son, placed a bounty in the form of fines that she will pay for players that inflict injuries to him during the season for trespasses she claims he did to her and her child. She detailed it all in a series of Instagram stories.

“If you play against my baby dad this season please go for the knees, maybe a hammy,” she posted. If it wasn’t clear who she was referencing she mafe it very clear later in the post. “#33 for the Dolphins, I’ll gladly Zelle you back any fines”

The Apple or The Tree

Posting under the social media handle @nee.ariiii, the Instagram Story thread details her short-lived romance with Apple and the circumstances surrounding her now-ignited beef.

“He should tread lightly,” the post begins with a picture of a bruised thigh, “bc how does your mom run a DV (domestic violence) foundation but her sons a POS. So let’s go over what happen. We got pregnant after traveling together during off season – his response to my pregnancy was straight up ‘well what did you expect I knew it was going to happen’ Then he tells me he has a s** problem and I’m the 6th pregnant woman in 3 years the others just had abortions but i’m already 14 weeks at the time of this confession.”

She then “fast-forward” the story to her mid-pregnancy and the doctors alerting her that their son has a heart condition that requires a core blood transfusion. Apple is a “direct match,” but he blocks her again when she finds out about his promiscuity in “every city” he traveled to.

It Gets Worse

Next was a game of cat and mouse, with her describing Apple as blocking her when she sent an “article” from a woman exposing him, then unblocking her to “pick out baby names.” He blocked her again when she asked him for a blood transfusion for their child.

What comes next is shocking as she claims Apple said, “It was best for the baby to die.” She then “went crazy on him” and eventually had their child at 25 weeks. She claims the child has had two surgeries since birth and that Apple “continued to talk about the bad health he wishes on his own child.”

Apple, a first-round pick by the Giants in 2016, was signed by the Dolphins to a 1-year, $1.6 million deal in July. Whatever happens from here, the tea is spilled in ways that, if true, do not look suitable for the NFL player’s character.

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