Phil Jackson Is Dropping 140 Character Gems

How did you watch the NCAA Championship game last night? It probably wasn't with a couple of NBA legends like Jeanie Buss. 


Fortunately, Phil Jackson is now in love with Twitter, or in love with us through Twitter, or something. The point is, he's tweeting. Actually, with the gems he's dropping, it might be something greater — or he's already jedi mind tricked us all. 


You find yourself nodding in agreement here before realizing that, with his bad back, Phil couldn't get up and go on the floor, even if he really wanted to. A classic Jackson maneuver. But there are more important tweets to get to.


Yup, Phil is tweeting with the people he's in the room with. That's teenage to college-aged female level right there, and Phil has only been in the game for about a week. 


It's official: the game is female. Maybe that's why Phil keeps coming back for more.


Do you think that's also what he told Kobe in the huddle? Just keep shooting. It will pay dividends at some time. 


Now this is a real shame, because Phil has incredible insight. His live-tournament Tweeting was a mini-revelation in terms of coaches who tweet, and in terms of personality displayed over Twitter. 

Unfortunately, with the NBA off-limits, we won't get to explore the part of Phil Jackson's mind that he is most known for. Luckily, there's a lot of weird TV out there, and Phil probably isn't leaving the couch a whole lot. 

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