Phife Dawg’s Super Bowl Lip Service 

Hip-hop legend Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest often talks sports with the TSL crew and he knows his stuff.

Today, he gave us his take on Super Bowl 50. Check The Rhime!

“Not that it has anything to do with my passionate affection for North Carolina Tar Heels hoops, but I’m hoping the 17-1 Carolina Panthers win Super Bowl 50.

At this point, Cam is pretty much invincible. Peyton isn’t the same aerial maestro that he was in his hey day, but experience will always be the best teacher.

My picking Denver has zero to do with me thinking they’re the better team. They’re not, especially on the offensive side of the ball, but let’s be honest; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will not allow Manning to retire with one less ring than his little brother Eli !  

I’m not saying the fix is in, but if that’s the case, New England would’ve won the AFC championship.

I can see it now. The stars are aligned for Peyton to do what so many Hall of Famers have done in their final season. Similar to “The Bus”, Jerome Bettis, walking off into the sunset  in Super Bowl XL. It’s actually the 10-year anniversary of that Super Bowl, which was held in his hometown of Detroit.

It was a real deal 360 degree journey for Bettis.

What about John Elway’s send off? He had been labeled by some fans and analysts (Terry Bradshaw) as a quarterback that couldn’t win the big game. He won the chip in his last two seasons and his final NFL tour ended in a score of Denver 34, Carolina 19 in Super Bowl XXXIII. He also took home MVP honors.

Ironically, Elway, now the Broncos top executive assembled this team and convinced Manning to come to Denver. He also hired his former backup QB in Denver Gary Kubiak, to lead this Broncos charge. 

Are you catching my drift here?

Hope I’m wrong. I hope whoever wins does it fair and square and not like that travesty that took place in the closing moments of Super Bowl 49!

No way Beast Mode shouldn’t have ran that rock in to win that game.It was one of the most perplexing things I’ve ever witnessed and that includes a quarter century in the hip-hop game.”


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