Peter Rosenberg: Georgia-Alabama Is Battle For “Most Racist State”

Peter Rosenberg undoubtedly has the best job in the world. He forged his reputation as a leading white voice in musical culture by enjoying a successful career supporting authentic, classic Hip-Hop as a radio personality on Hot 97.1 in New York, which is the power station when it comes to influencing and exposing others to the art of rap.  

Through his genuine love of Hip-Hop and his contributions to Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez & Rosenberg, he also can be credited with aiding the genre’s rise to becoming No. 1 in the country and the world. He doesn’t apologize for being a white King in Black music and seems to respect the culture. 

Peter Rosenberg on Twitter

Ummm all white people have white privilege.. it doesn’t make u rich…it means people don’t judge u by the color of your skin

For that he gets his props. Hes also managed to parlay his popularity as a Hip-Hop power player into a gig with Michael Kay and Don LaGreca on The Michael Kay Show, ESPNs afternoon drive radio entertainment. 

By existing on these two major platforms, Rosenberg is also afforded passes that other guys dont get. He gets to have two different personalities. One for his 35-and-under audience on Hot 97.1, where race, music celebrity and political correctness is approached much differently than on his sports-based, more conservative ESPN show, which caters to an audience of 35-and over. 

A prime example of Rosenbergs unusual freedom of expression came Monday morning when The Hot 97 morning squad was discussing the possibility of Oprah Winfrey running for President. 

Peter Rosenberg on Twitter

Take a look at what an ACTUAL self made BILLIONAIRE looks like

During the conversation the subject switched to Roy Moores failed gubernatorial bid in Alabama and how the women of the state galvanized to ensure that Moore, accused of a series of  sexual transgressions over the years against different women, didnt win, despite the backing of President Donald Trump.   

The Shadow League on Twitter

Had to do it. #AlabamaSenateElection

Rosenberg chimed in with an interesting comment while referencing College Footballs National Championship game tonight between Georgia and Alabama. Rosenberg said, “When I’m watching the college football championship tonight, it will be like a battle for the most racist state.” 

Co-host Ebro responded with, (I dare you to ) Say that on the other station (you work on). 

Ebro was implying that if Rosenberg made a statement about Alabama and Georgia being Americas most racist states on a sports show such as The Michael Kay Show on ESPN, there would be a lot more outrage and a response from offended folks in those states and probably a backlash that Rosenberg would rather not deal with. 

The safety net of calling these states racist in an environment where no one would dispute him or tell him he is out of line for painting the people of these states in one broad, offensive brush is one of the benefits Rosenberg enjoys as he evolves into an entertainment chameleon, jumping from culture to culture and genre to genre, infusing his personality into the mix. 

Ebro was throwing up a quick caution sign for Rosenberg. A check and reset if you will. 

As his visibility and entertainment roles expand, Rosenberg has to be careful not to give the appearance of playing both sides or trying too hard to appeal to one audience over another. It will eventually be seen as disingenuous and the risks losing the respect he has built up with the minority community and also lead to him coming under attack from his new sports audience. 

Its a slippery slope, but hes seems to be working it to perfection so far. 

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