People Make The World Go Round | Tokyo Olympics Will Struggle To Attract Viewers


In what’s being dubbed the “No Fun” Olympics in Tokyo, we’re also getting cavernous, empty stadiums and do-it yourself medal presentations.

Guess what?  It gets better. There’s also a prohibition on athletes high-fives and hugs. These are just a few of the ways that the Tokyo Games have looked much different than what we’re use to seeing every four years. Point blank, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizers to do away with many traditions.

Sad for the viewer?

Yes, very.  With no fan interaction these games are relying on technical innovations, which include fan selfies and other ways to digitally “cheer” for athletes, in an attempt to spur fan engagement.

This isn’t what most were expecting when these Olympics were being talked about and even changed from 2020 from 2021.

The hope was the world would be back to a real sense of normalcy following a 12-round bout with COVID-19, and the games would go on as expected with all the bells and whistles.

“Not So Fast”

Amid a pandemic that is still raging in most parts of the world, there are many signs global interest is definitely lacking.


In a poll taken, only 46% of respondents in 28 countries said they were interested in the Tokyo Olympics.said they were interested in the Tokyo Olympics.

In fact many believe the games shouldn’t be held at all. In Japan only 33% of people are in agreeance with the games going on.

Underlying it all is worry that the Games will serve as a super-spreader event in Tokyo, which remains in a state of emergency after a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Some believe the COVID-19 situation will upstage the actual athletic competition.

If you missed the Opening Ceremony you probably missed out on the most normal part of these games as it pertains to what we are actually used to experiencing every four years around the globe.

It included the usual Parade of Nations, high-profile musical performances and pyrotechnics.

But even that event looked different with only 1,000 VIPs attending the ceremony, with the vast majority of the 68,000 seats in the brand new $1.4B Olympic Stadium sitting empty, in a place which was built to seat an enormous population of people.

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