Off The Bench with Jay Corbin

Week 11 is a memory, and we are seeing teams improve and get better.

We see teams regress and worsen, and we are also witnessing teams confuse us as to who they are. Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, and New York Jets better start occupying the war room and preparing for the draft, as they likely will be among the top five picks.

Teams like Pittsburgh and the Vikings better make up their mind to which direction they want to go. I like the Eagles coming out of the NFC East, as we know how the Cowboys love to disappoint. The NFC West will be tough, but the Arizona Cardinals are a lock once Kyler and Hopkins return.

NFC North belongs to the Packers, as the GOAt, and the Bucs will win the South. AFC East used to belong to the Bills, but the Pats are peaking at the right time. AFC West will belong to the Chiefs, as the Ravens will clinch AFC North. Unless Derick Henry returns, look for Indy locking up the South.