“No Reason For Being Fat, Man” | Charles Barkley Is Facing the Facts About His Body & His Golf Game Thanks To NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen

Charles Barkley is the king of soundbites and speaking his truth. He does it nightly during hoops season, on “Inside The NBA. He also doesn’t hold back when he makes appearances on podcasts or gives interviews.

Barkley rubs some folks the wrong way, but he won’t hesitate to take himself to task in the same honest fashion. 

Following his 74th place finish at the American Century Championship golf tourney at Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada, “Sir Charles” had a lot to say pertaining to his personal weight and how it has hindered his mobility on the golf course.

During a recent episode of “The Next Round,” podcast Barkley was candid about his lack of conditioning, which contributed to his finish. Although it’s his best finish ever in 30 appearances, he felt he could’ve been better.

“I played the best I ever played. I played really, really well. I was a little disappointed in myself the first day because I kind of quit on the last three holes. I was tired and I was really pissed that night.”

Barkley continued, saying former NFL great Marcus Allen even chimed in on his play and lack of conditioning.

“I got to get in better shape because I played great. Marcus Allen pulled me aside and said, ‘Man I got to tell you something. I’m pissed at you right now.’ I said, ‘What is it?’ He says, ‘You are so much better than 20 more of these players, but your lack of conditioning just kicked your a**.”



Allen has always kept himself in shape since his playing days ended, and if anyone can say something to Chuck about his weight, it’s his close friend. 

Barkley Says He Lost Some Significant Weight Already: More To Go

Barkley says his weight gain increased following hip surgery in 2016 and stayed that way until he decided to do intermittent fasting, which is scheduling your daily meals in a specific timeframe.

“I’m down 50 about pounds, I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting thing where I’ve been eating one time a day. I’m down 52 pounds but I gained 94 when I got my new hips. I just got to get in better shape … No reason for being fat, man. Just put the fork down, Chuck.”

Barkley has consistently laughed when Shaq calls him fat on set. O’Neal isn’t exactly svelte anymore, so Barkley can definitely return fire on Shaq when it comes to fat jokes. Barkley and Shaq both made New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson the target of jokes about his weight. Barkley claimed Zion was too heavy to play long term at his weight. While he did it jokingly, Williamson seems to have gotten the message and looks ripped as he’s preparing to return to the floor after missing all of last season.

Chuck Even Stood Up For The LGBTQA+ Community

Being that he lives his life unapologetically, Chuck has never been one to hold his tongue. At an event during the golf tourney Chuck took the mic.  

“I want to say this if you’re gay and transgender, I love you. And if anybody gives you sh**, you tell ‘em Charles said, F**k you!” said the NBA Hall of Famer 

Guess that could apply to anyone being called fat too. Chuck is a living legend, and when he retires from TNT we’re going to miss him.

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