Niners GM John Lynch Likes Tweet Dragging Jimmy Garoppolo | Quickly Attempts To Apologize, Saying It Was An Accident

The San Francisco 49ers lost a tough game at the Tennessee Titans 20-17. In that game Niners starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw two costly interceptions, including one in the red zone after a great drive.

The veteran passed for 322 yards, but 126 of those came on yards after the catch by his receivers, mainly Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

Following Garoppolo’s performance, a fan tweeted “leave Jimmy G in Tennessee.”

Niners GM John Lynch liked the tweet, and then quickly tried to recant it by saying he accidentally liked it. He claims it occurred unknowingly while at Christmas Eve mass with his family.

Despite the loss, the team still has an 80 percent chance of making the postseason.

Garoppolo Has Been On Shaky Ground In San Francisco Since His Super Bowl Performance 

In Super Bowl 54, Garoppolo struggled mightily as the Niners defense shut down the Chiefs for three-plus quarters. Unfortunately, Jimmy G couldn’t make the big plays when needed. He missed throw after throw, but none bigger than his one here after the Chiefs had taken the lead. He overthrew Emmanuel Sanders by 5 yards as he got behind the KC secodary in what could’ve been a game-changing, Super Bowl-winning moment.



While he did miss time due to injury in 2020, Jimmy G wasn’t very effective when he did play. He only started six games while seeing action in 10 games. Following that season and his Super Bowl collapse the Niners felt it was necessary to pick a successor with the No .3 overall pick in the draft.

With a budding defense and playmakers everywhere, the Niners felt Garoppolo had taken them as far as he’s capable. This season Garoppolo’s been serviceable but doesn’t appear to be good enough to take the Niners deep in the playoffs.

Niners Drafted Trey Lance With The Belief This Is Garoppolo’s Final Season 

The Niners drafted Trey Lance out of North Dakota State No. 3 overall in the 2021 NFL draft. The dual-threat phenom dominated lesser competition in FCS, and his last season was cut short to one game due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That still didn’t deter the Niners brass from selecting the raw but talented Lance.

Who can forget Lance’s 2019 season, when he led the North Dakota State Bison to another national championship while accounting for 42 total touchdowns and zero interceptions?

Coming Into The Season The Niners QB Situation Was Cloudy: Team Ultimately Chose Garoppolo

In an August interview with the Murph & Max show, Lynch had this to say about his QB situation.
“If we are in a situation like that, yes, it’s difficult to prepare for. We haven’t shown a lot in the preseason, as well, in terms of the things we can do with Jimmy and Trey. But that’s not only for us. That’s league-wide. You really don’t know, going into the first couple games, what you’re gonna see. But yeah, that is something that we kind of are looking forward to, the amount of time that people are gonna have to put in preparing for each quarterback.”
At that time, the starting quarterback job was still up in the air, but head coach Kyle Shanahan stuck with the vet.
But as it is in every football town, the backup QB is always the most popular guy, and Garoppolo’s performance in Tennessee on Thursday didn’t do anything to quell that notion. And from the looks of it, GM John Lynch seems to be in agreement with the fan who tweeted his opinion about Jimmy G’s inevitable departure.

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